By donating a figure of your choice, you will contribute to the growth of the Festival di Lampedusa


By donating a figure of your choice, you will contribute to the growth of the Festival di Lampedusa, the great container of events and meetings in the heart of the Mediterranean sea on crucial issues for our future such as human rights, environment, arts and culture.

We want to create a festival that, from the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, embraces the world.

Lampedusa is the southernmost island in Europe, the extreme tip of Italy, but also a small portion of the African continent that has moved away over thousands of years.
It is the island that unites the Mediterranean Sea, Italy and Europe. The Festival di Lampedusa was born from this idea of union, and with the main goal of organizing an international event accessible to all and focused on the theme of respect of human rights and the environment in which we live.

Our idea is to create a dialogue between different cultures, starting from those of the Mediterranean area, through the arts. We strongly believe that these populations – near and far – can talk to each other, confront with each other and create a network to spread and promote the messages and values on which the Festival is based.

A workshop of ideas on crucial themes for the future of all of us.

We intend to embrace Mediterranean cultures through the universal language of art, enhancing and enriching their cultural diversity and at the same time preserving the island, the archipelago, the sea, in order to contributing to raise awareness on respect for the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

We believe that, to achieve these purposes, it is crucial to promote traditions and the territory through all the arts – cinema, music, theatre, literature, painting, street art – but also through food, ancient traditions, and the preservation of the ecosystem in which we operate.

Lampedusa is a unique island that wants to open itself up to the world.

The Festival was born in Lampedusa from the commitment of young islanders, with the idea of talking about this wonderful island differently, making people discover its uniqueness and taking it away from media exploitation to which it has been subjected for too long. We want to portray this island not only as an emergency place or merely a place with a beautiful seaside. There is much more to discover.

Events are also planned in Linosa, in order to involve the two inhabited islands of the Pelagie archipelago (the third one being the uninhabited islet of Lampione).

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The second edition of the Festival di Lampedusa will be staged from 27th to 29th September 2019.

With your support we will realize a great festival of the culture of the Mediterranean basin, in two wonderful islands, of passage, which over time have also become a symbol of humanity and rebirth.

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